RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The City of Richmond is getting a new bike lane sweeper, and there’s only a few days left to vote for its name.

From Broomy McBroomface to Kate Brush, the tournament-style bracket began with 16 potential names, most of which were — what else? — terrible, terrible puns.

Now, Venture Richmond, a community organization with close ties to city hall, is conducting a Twitter poll to determine the ultimate winner.

This bracket shows all of the contestants eliminated in earlier rounds of voting. (Photo courtesy of Venture Richmond)

As of Wednesday morning, MF BROOM secured an early, commanding lead, with The Grim Sweeper trailing by over 20%. However, previous rounds have seen surprising upsets – including a semifinal vote in which MF BROOM surged at the last minute to overtake Meryl Sweep and secure its spot in the finals.

The name MF BROOM is derived from the hip-hop artist MF DOOM, who was known for his supervillain persona and metal face mask. DOOM, whose real name was Daniel Dumile, died in 2020.