RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A life-saving mission by Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) rescued almost 60 animals from a local home on Friday, Sept. 30.

8News spoke with neighbors nearby the home who said that the rescue was a long time coming.

“Everyone in the neighborhood who is aware of the situation felt relieved,” one resident said. “It’s really hard to believe.”

The resident wished to remain anonymous but shared a video with 8News of responders in hazmat suits putting cages with animals in trucks. Even after living there for 10 years, the resident said he did not know there were so many animals.

“I can tell you I’ve only seen one animal in all of that time,” he said. “But I can tell you for years there’s been a horrible mildew stench that comes by when you walk. Everyone’s familiar with it.”

The resident told 8News that he and other neighbors had filed complaints for years. A 2022 complaint obtained by 8News documented concerns that animals were being bred in the house because of the foul smell.

(Courtesy of a nearby resident)

“We’ve been yelling about this home for a long time,” he said.

RACC officers ultimately rescued 19 dogs, 33 cats, a rabbit, a turtle, a pot belly pig and a raccoon.

One photo released by RACC shows a dog with an unknown substance in its fur. But a spokesperson for RACC said that depicts the “most PG” of the conditions they found the animals in.

An investigation is ongoing after almost 60 animals were rescued from a “terrible situation in the City of Richmond,” according to Richmond Animal Care and Control. (Photo: Richmond Animal Care and Control)

“It’s horrible about the animals,” the nearby resident said. “Everyone’s hopeful that they find good homes.”

RACC is continuing to investigate this incident. 8News reached out about the possible charges that could be brought against the party responsible but they have not yet responded.