RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Heavy downpours throughout the state have caused many areas to flood due to the effects of Tropical Depression Ophelia, with major impacts being seen around downtown Richmond.

Drivers can be seen on the intersection of Belvidere Street and Canal Street making their way through high water levels.

Multiple flash flood warnings were in effect through the evening on Saturday. VDOT urged drivers to stay off the roads if possible in these areas and to turn around if high water levels are seen in the roads.

Residents along the coast saw significant flooding and powerful waves throughout the day as well, all while under a Tropical Storm Warning.

Many areas throughout the state experienced power outages due to flooding and strong winds, caused by the flooding, as well as downed trees and powerlines.

One resident in the Moseley area, near Swift Creek Reservoir in Central Virginia measured about 6.5 inches of rain from the storm on their rain gauge, according to a picture sent in the morning on Sunday, Sept 24.

Rain gauge in Moseley area measures about 6.5 inches in the morning on Sunday, Sept. 24