RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A sick, dying dog abandoned by its owner was euthanized Thursday after being picked up by animal control officers — alongside a malnourished-looking shepherd — in Richmond.

The two dogs were reportedly found by animal control near the entrance of Phillip Morris, at 2300 Dale Avenue in Richmond’s southside.

“The sweet pitty girl has a huge belly and lungs filled with fluid (see X-ray pic), most likely from heart failure,” Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) said in a Facebook post. “We can’t save her. 🤬 Our team at VVC is hugging her close and euthanizing her as we type this. 💔 We are out of swear words that could possibly define this situation.”

RACC is now asking the public for help finding the owner responsible for abandoning the two dogs to fend for themselves.

If you recognize these dogs, or were in the area last night or early this morning and saw something, you’re asked to contact RACC on Facebook, or Instagram, email or by calling 804-646-5573.

“Please share and help. 🙏 p.s. say a prayer for that sweet dog who had to die today in the arms of strangers because her owner failed her,” RACC wrote “💔 There is NO excuse for this.”