RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — With current yearly permits expiring at the end of June, new 2023-24 parking decals for the Fan District are now on sale.

Both homeowners and renters are able to apply for parking passes. Homeowners are given the additional option to request up to two annual guest passes for $35 each at the same time the Fan permit is purchased.

What is required for the application?

In addition to identification…

• Residential property owners must provide either a copy of their real estate bill or other information that verifies ownership of the property
• Renters must provide a valid written lease for the property in the Fan Parking District, and have the appropriate approval of the property owner on the application they present

The passes cost $25 each for qualifying residents and applications can be filled out online or in person at City Hall.

Additional information can be found online here. Current parking passes expire June 30.