RICHMOND Va. (WRIC) — President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program application is now available. Millions of Americans are expected to apply.

Norm Bedford, Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) associate vice president for student financial services, told 8News it’s important that applicants only apply online.

“There is no other website to go to. So, if you’re routed to a different website that acts as an affiliate of a government agency, I would be highly suspect of that,” Bedford said. “If you stay on a ‘.gov’ domain, particularly at ‘,’ I think good things are going to happen to you in regards to your application going to the correct place.”

Bedford also said applicants don’t have to give any information related to credit cards or bank accounts and should not be promised more money than what President Biden authorized.

“The website is not going to ask you for your credit card information. They’re not going to ask you for your Apple Pay, your Venmo account, checking, savings, Paypal all those different services out there. They’re not going to over promise you something and under deliver,” Bedford said.

Bedford also encouraged anyone with doubts to ask questions.

“Financial aid offices and colleges are here to help you. Whether you’re a student at that school … or a former student, ask,” he said. “Call up the financial aid office. If you’re local in town go visit them and say, ‘Hey I got something on my phone does this seem reasonable to you? Is this legitimate? Is this the correct application?’ And they will tell you yes or no.”

Anyone in the area with questions about the application process can go to VCU’s financial management office. This resource is not exclusive to students.