RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Interstate 95 and the Belvidere Street overpass have been reopened for travel after a tragic vehicle fire that took the life of a Chesterfield man rendered the roads closed for most of the afternoon, and into the night Wednesday.

A septic truck erupted in flames around noon on Wednesday, Nov. 2 after being hit by I-beams that had fallen off of a Freightliner carrying an over-height load under the Belvidere Street overpass, according to Virginia State Police. The collision of the I-beams and the septic truck caused an explosion and forced the truck to flip on its side and become engulfed in flames.

The driver of the septic truck, 36-year-old Brent Szarzynski, was killed in the incident.

All travel lanes on I-95 and the Belvidere Street overpass have been reopened. The westbound sidewalk and shoulder of the bridge are closed for further inspection, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.