RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — ‘Pain at the pump’ is reaching new heights. AAA reports gas prices in Richmond have now tied records that were set back in March.

Because of how high the gas prices are, some small business owners are rethinking how they do business completely.

AAA and the White House report the war in Ukraine is continuing to push oil demand and prices up, one of several reasons causing prices at the pump to go up.

AAA spokesperson Morgan Dean said the rise in prices will likely continue if oil stays above $105 per barrel.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Richmond as of this morning is $4.25. That’s up 18 cents from a week ago, up 28 cents from a month ago and breaks the record set in March.

The price in the Richmond-Petersburg area is still a few cents under the national average of $4.40.

The spiking prices are having an impact on some small businesses who are fueled by travel.

Kyle Hammond owns a mobile car detailing company in Richmond. He said he’s rethinking how far he’ll travel and being forced to charge more for his services.

“I had to go up on some prices,” Hammond said. “I’m doing estimated mileage on gas and that’s how much I’m charging extra on each detail.”

AAA said as the war in Ukraine continues and summer travel season begins, high oil and gas prices will continue to rise, so they won’t be coming down for now.