RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Family members of the victims of the deadly shooting that happened on Nine Mile Road Friday night came forward with tears in their eyes Saturday afternoon alongside NAACP Richmond’s president, JJ Minor.

A 14 year old and a 9 year old were shot and killed near Creighton Road and the OMG Convenience Store Friday night. Two adults were also hurt in the shooting but are in stable condition.

Saturday, the sister and brother-in-law of 14-year-old Rahquan Logan, or “Ompa” as those closest to him called him, stood with Minor, emotionally devastated over their loss.

Tears fell from his sister Tarneka Scruggs’s eyes as she could only bear to say three words, “I love him,” talking about her late brother.

“Children who really didn’t, who hadn’t gotten the chance to become 18 yet,” Minor said about the victims.

Minor said he heard the gunshots that rang out from Nine Mile Road Friday night around 7:30 p.m.

“Last night over here it sounded like a war,” he described.

A growing memorial for the children stands at the OMG Convenience Store near where the shooting happened.

“This is ridiculous, and it’s ludicrous and we’ve got to stop now. We have got to stop this gun violence,” Minor pleaded.

Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith and Mayor Levar Stoney held a press conference Saturday morning, addressing the violence.

“The pattern continues,” Chief Smith said.

Mayor Stoney called the crime “heinous.” “We’ve been here one too many times,” he told reporters.

Chief Smith is starting a taskforce that he said will help to prosecute whoever pulled the trigger and target repeat offenders.

“I’m just letting those know that if you continue this type of behavior, and not take the options that the community is giving you for a better life, we will prosecute you. We will come for you,” he said.

Charles Willis with United Communities Against Crime was present at Saturday afternoon’s press conference about the shooting. He presented a list of several demands he said they’re asking RPD to put into action immediately.

He said first, RPD must identify, address and arrest the problems in the community. He said they must verify and admit there is an issue in the community.

Willis went on to say RPD should then implement solutions against the violence and follow up with them with results.

His organization also recommends that all businesses secure a letter or memorandum of understanding to address trespassing and loitering at their businesses.

He said that letter gives businesses an understanding with the police department that when police drives by and a group of people are seen congregating that are participating in illegal activity, they can immediately go on private property an execute an arrest.

Willis also asks RPD to implement a focus patrol along Nine Mile Road for six months, giving bi-monthly reports to city council.

The organization also asks city council, RPD and anyone else to install large, halogen lights for 45-days consistently to light up business parking lots and areas prone to loitering.