RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Police are searching for three people who stole packages and a T.V. from an apartment complex mailroom in Richmond last week.

Most Shockoe Bottom-area apartment buildings are equipped with mailroom and security codes for entry. It’s why the news of packages being confiscated by burglars is alarming some residents.

“It definitely frustrates me,” said Scott Bolar, who lives in a Shockoe Bottom-area apartment complex.

WATCH: Packages, TV stolen from Richmond apartment’s mailroom

Police say three suspects entered the secure package room on South 20th Street and got away with a number of boxed items inside on Dec. 11. The video shows the suspects, one with a red hat with fur and two others with black jackets on, looking in the room for packages.

“People get a lot of stuff online these days that,” Bolar told 8News. “You want to give to people or have for yourself. You kind of have to trust that it’ll be safe in the package room and it’s concerning to hear that these types of things are being exploited and being taken.”

To ensure their deliveries won’t be taken in the future, some residents told 8News they plan to have their items shipped to work or by use of an Amazon box.

“If I bought something a little more expensive or I really didn’t want to get lost, yeah, I’d probably look down one of those avenues,” Bolar said.

8News spoke with the apartment manager after the recent break-in and they say that the building is secure. The apartment manager added that the suspects would’ve needed a key fob and a code to get inside the room.

Police do not believe the suspects live inside the complex, however.

“We could put 5,000 locks on but then nobody’s going to be able to get to their packages,” Bolar said. “So, you know, it’s kind of a balance and I think sometimes it sways in the way of too much accessibility instead of too much security.”