‘It’s disgusting’: Locals want clean break from trash-filled alley in The Fan


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmonders are ready to make a clean break from a trash-filled alleyway, that many says, is a reoccurring problem.

Park Avenue is where piles and piles of trash are leaving neighbors upset.

Chloe Simpson, who lives in the area told 8News “It’s disgusting.”

Hallie Vesta told 8News she “would much rather not live next to a bunch of trash.”

Residents would like to start with a clean slate, wishing something would be done.

“I’m not getting good services now so I guess any kind of improvement is going to be an improvement,” said Ted Arden.

Flies, critters and homeless people now roam the alleyway between Park and Grove Avenue, worrying residents.

“At night sometimes if one of us is coming or going and it’s late, there’s a bunch of homeless people that are like scavenging for whatever,” Vesta said. “Even though you know they’re not going to hurt you probably, it’s just a little bit intimidating.”

For some residents, the inconvenience is becoming too much.

“I’ve already made plans to leave, I can’t, I can’t deal with this anymore,” Arden, who has lived next to the alley since 2006, said. “I love The fan, I like the area, I like the eclectic culture of it, but this is just getting way too much.”

The trash is a “common occurrence,” according to Arden. So much so, that Chloe Simpson told 8News, “people get used to (the smell), but it sucks.”

“I’m angry because my taxes are immense and I’m angry that I don’t think I get what I pay for,” Arden told 8News.

Residents have reported the trash buildup to the city and were told cleanup would two to three weeks. 8News reached out to the Department of Public Works, and we’re still awaiting comment at this time.

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