RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The group formerly known as the Jefferson Davis Neighborhood Civic Association held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to announce a name change and the endorsement of the Urban One casino project.

At the meeting, the association voted to follow in the City of Richmond’s footsteps and change their group name to Richmond Highway Civic Association. The executive committee came to a unanimous vote for the name change at a meeting on April 12. They say the change represents the growing, diverse community living on and around the highway.

Association president Charles Willis took to the stand at the press conference to talk about their stance on the Urban One Casino, planned for nearby. Willis says the casino fits their area and will bring in new positive economic development. The group came to the decision after sitting down with CEO Alfred Liggins to ask questions about the plan.

Willis says the community association reached out to many residents in their area to get their opinions on the plan before making their endorsement. They are now urging residents in the area to voice their support for the casino proposal and plan on voting for it if it makes on the ballot in November.

Willis stated that the casino is not the best choice, it is the “perfect choice.”

They are hoping the new project will bring other businesses into the area as well money for the city and Richmond Public Schools.

The civic association says they also took the time to learn about the proposals from Bally’s and Live! and listen to what the public was saying about those before endorsing Urban One.

Willis says a highlight of Urban One’s proposal is their plans to invest in workers including substantial salaries and the opportunity to be a part owner.