CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A judge has extended state Senator Joe Morrissey’s protective order against his estranged wife and her boyfriend as a new hearing is set for dueling allegations of abuse that emerged over the past week.

Morrissey’s emergency protective order was initially issued on Saturday, Jan. 14 and has been extended this week until Jan. 27, when a hearing will be held in Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court to sort through the allegations.

According to affidavits obtained by 8News, Joe Morrissey alleges that Myrna Morrissey’s current boyfriend, Robert Brown, physically abused the Morriseys’ 4-year-old son, saying that he had used corporal punishment and left “horrific wounds.”

This statement, as well as evidence and interviews conducted by Richmond and Chesterfield Police when they were called by Joe Morrissey to report the alleged abuse, were used as the basis to issue an emergency protective order forbidding Myrna Morrissey and Brown to have any contact with the children.

Now, Myrna Morrissey has alleged in a counter-filing requesting her own protective order that Joe Morrissey was in fact the one who had physically abused the children. She also alleged that Joe Morrissey had stolen her and her children’s passports, which he was not allowed to have possession of due to their custody agreement.

Myrna Morrissey wrote in her affidavit to the court that charges of theft had been filed against Joe Morrissey, but as of Thursday, January 19, 8News could find no record of such charges in local court records.

Both have publicly shared their side of the story with social media statements and press releases. However, though Joe Morrissey agreed to an interview with 8News on Monday to address the allegations, he backed out at the last minute, leading his estranged wife to decline an interview as well.

On Jan. 17, the judge delayed his final ruling on Myrna Morrissey’s motion for a protective order, defaulting to an extension of Joe Morrisey’s existing order and leaving him with custody of their children. A ruling is expected on her motion during a hearing set for Friday, Jan. 27.