RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — One unusual security find at Richmond International Airport made it into the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) annual Top 10 List for 2022.

A knife was found hidden inside a laptop among the motherboard and other parts, ranking fifth in the TSA’s national end-of-year ranking.

In November, a TSA officer operating the checkpoint X-ray machine spotted what appeared to be a knife inside a man’s carry-on bag. According to authorities, the contents of the bag were searched and no knife was found. However, upon separating all items and scanning them all again, officers found that the knife was hidden inside the man’s laptop.

After obtaining tools that could open the laptop, the double-edged knife was found. According to the TSA, the man initially claimed that he had no knowledge of the knife before eventually admitting that it was his.

For more information on what items can and cannot be brought onto an airplane, visit the TSA’s website.