RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — While many Richmond residents are taking it easy and going on vacation for the Thanksgiving holidays, street cleaners will still be hard at work. And if you live in the Fan, you might want to see if street cleaners are heading your way before you leave for the holidays.

Every year, the City of Richmond routinely sweeps streets with curbs and gutters. To properly clean these areas, large items like cars need to be moved. Any car left on the street during street cleaning will receive a parking ticket or even be towed.

The Fan area began street cleaning on Nov. 14 and is scheduled to finish on Wednesday, Nov. 30. During this cleaning, parking will be prohibited in indicated locations between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 28 — the day many Richmonders will be arriving home from the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you are heading out of town for the holidays and leaving your car in Richmond, look out for a “No Parking” sign on your street before you leave. If you see one, take the time to move your car out of tow zones before you leave. You might consider leaving it in a parking garage, a public lot or with a friend.

If you’re not able to move your car before you leave, consider giving your keys to a neighbor, friend or family member so they can move it for you before Monday. Also, be sure to move other large items like bikes or piles of yard debris before you go.

And, if you’re coming home Sunday night, be mindful of where you park to avoid waking up to a ticket or towed car.

For more information on street cleaning, including parking rules and towing, visit the City of Richmond website.