RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — The grieving family of a 71-year-old gunned down Wednesday behind his home do not want their loved one to be remembered as just a number; another life lost from gun violence in 2021.

In a year that left over 90 people dead — primarily from shootings — Calvin Hubbard was shot in an alley, mere yards from where he exchanged wedding vows with wife, Dorothy, 26 years prior.

“He just showed love to everybody,” Hubbard’s great neice, Kiara Christian, told 8News Thursday afternoon.

“He was comfortable there…” she said. “People in that area, they know him very, very well.”

Christian spent many days at the northside home on Hazelhurst Avenue while growing up, and recalls tender–somewhat sly–moments with her great uncle.

“He was the uncle that would spoil us at family ‘get-togethers.’ When mom would say ‘no candy, no sweets.’ He would be the one that would sneak it to us,” she said while holding back tears.

Richmond police released front door video showing a suspect, dressed in dark colors and wearing a hood, running from the scene on the corner of Hazelhurst Avenue and Wellington Street.

The suspect was seen running south on Wellington around 3:40 p.m. after the shooting. Video shows the person slowing their pace to a brisk walk when reaching the intersection, and then exited the camera’s frame.

Police say Hubbard had just been been riding his bicycle before being shot. He died at the hospital, and the circumstances leading up to the shooting are unknown.

With homicides at a 15-year high in the capital city–mostly from gun violence–Christian wants justice, and to share a message to people pulling the trigger.

“You throw their life away, and then you throw your life away too, so who wins in it? It’s just like, put them down y’all.“

Hubbard’s killing is one of several open homicide investigations in Richmond. Police are hoping anyone who knew more about his whereabouts, and suspect information to call Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000 or Major Crimes Detective K. Hughes at (804) 646-3917.