RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney discussed his introduction of an anti-hate ordinance to the City Council, as well as the A.P. Hill monument removal, at a press briefing on Tuesday.

“This past summer we rightfully removed men from their pedestals who never deserved a place of public celebration in our city,” Stoney said at a media briefing on Tuesday. “Men who had championed racism and frankly betrayed this nation.”

He said the new anti-hate ordinance prohibits Richmond from displaying symbols of white supremacy, neo-nazi ideology or the confederate flag on city property. This new legislation was modeled after New York state law.

“This ordinance is not broad, subjective or up to interpretation,” Stoney said. “In fact, it’s quite explicit — the city will not give space to people or beliefs that endanger the lives of Black people and in doing so prohibit the healing process that our community so desperately needs.”

He said the deadline to comment on the city’s equity agenda is April 18, and can be submitted online here.

“I want you to know that we are taking your input seriously,” Stoney said.

The mayor also touched on the AP Hill statue. He said the city has been in contact with the family and descendants of A.P. Hill. Since it’s also a gravesite they’ve been working with historic resources to find a final resting place.

It’s taking longer than expected but Stoney said he hopes to find a place before the summer.