RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Mayor Levar Stoney wants a review of Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) less than a week after the agency asked for millions of dollars more than what is in the proposed budget.

In a letter to city council, Stoney said one reason for the review is because we live in a post COVID-19 “new world” and need to adapt to it.

RAA met with city council last week to ask for $3.5 million more than what’s in the proposed budget, saying there’s a staffing shortage.

Stoney is raising questions; claiming things like transports and response times have decreased, while the request for more money has increased.

He said his administration’s apprehensive about the request for money that he said comes without supporting data.

The city reviews annual agency audits, examining budget requests and adopting a mode of continuous monitoring and evaluation with community partners, according to Stoney. Therefore, he said that new approach to working with community partners requires the city to do their due diligence when appropriating money and adopting a mode of continuous monitoring and evaluation.

CEO Chip Decker represented the agency at the meeting last week. “I need to be at the overdose, otherwise somebody’s going to die. I need to be at the shooting,” he explained.

Richmond councilwoman Reva Trammell supports the agency’s request. “Councilmembers need to find the money so that you can keep doing your job professionally,” she said.

A spokesperson said the authority is looking forward to working with the city and is happy to provide data that backs up their $3.5 million request.

“RAA has had productive conversations with City leaders about a path forward which we believe will help the agency in its mission to deliver high quality patient care in a timely manner. We have provided and will continue to provide data justifying our subsidy request,” RAA’s PR Manager Mark Tenia said. “We look forward to continuing our conversations with City Council and the City’s Administration. We welcome any opportunity to provide a clearer picture of how we operate, and why we’ve been nationally and internationally recognized for our approach to EMS.”