RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Potholes are a well-documented problem in Richmond, and Mayor Levar Stoney wants to invest more money into the city’s roadways and sidewalks for the upcoming year.

This week, Mayor Stoney announced that his Fiscal Year 2021 budget contains $32 million for the paving of roads and maintenance and placement of sidewalks.

The FY2020 budget, passed by Richmond City Council last May, invested $15 million in paving roads and $1.2 million in sidewalk maintenance and placement.

The FY2021 budget doubles the investment of the previous year, and out of the proposed $30 million, $15 million will come out of the Richmond City Treasury, with the remainder of the investment coming from state revenue generated and reinvested in the region by the Central Virginia Transportation Authority.

Mayor Stoney says that the city is in need of $100 million in total of deferred maintenance on roads and that most of the work needed on roads is located in Richmond’s north side, south side, and east end.

The Mayor urges those with issues on their streets to contact Richmond Public Works Department at 804-646-6430.