RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The polls are closed, the votes are tallied, and a winner has been chosen. That’s right, Richmond’s new bike lane sweeper will be named MF BROOM.

MF BROOM (the capitalization is mandatory) prevailed in a sixteen-name tournament bracket, sweeping a final matchup against “The Grim Sweeper” by a margin of over a hundred votes in the final Twitter poll by Venture Richmond, a community organization with close ties to city hall.

“The people have spoken!” Venture Richmond wrote on their Twitter account Friday. While the name has been chosen, Venture Richmond wrote that an official naming ceremony would be held soon – date to be determined.

This bracket shows all of the contestants eliminated in earlier rounds of voting. (Photo courtesy of Venture Richmond)

Doug Allen, a Richmond resident who frequently advocates for safer bike infrastructure, celebrated the naming and asked the city to “please play Coffin Nails on a loop during the naming ceremony.”

The sweeper’s new name is a reference to the underground hip-hop artist MF DOOM, who was known for his supervillain persona and metal face mask. DOOM, whose real name was Daniel Dumile, died in 2020.