RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Mornings on 103.7 Play will no longer start with Melissa and Jack, according to a Facebook post from one of the radio hosts.

Today was the duo’s last show at the station. Jack Lauterback wrote on Facebook that there was “no drama or anything” but he was let go because ratings were too low. On Friday, Melissa Chase wrote in Facebook post that people told the stations they wanted to wake up with “more music and less talk.”

“I’m OK with that,” Lauterback wrote. “Melissa and I actually had a really good show this morning so I feel like I went out on a high note. Thanks to everyone; especially Mel, Joe and Bob for the opportunity. It was a blast! I’ll look back fondly on this time.”

Chase added that there are only good feelings between her and Lauterback.

“We are both (obviously) still friends and very excited about our next journeys – so if you’re pouring one out to celebrate our show, make sure it’s with happiness too,” she said in her post.

Chase said she will stay with the station, but will just not be hosting the same kind of morning show.

“I will be continuing to wake you up in a more music format show on our newly rebranded station 103.7 Your Variety,” she wrote.

According to 103.7’s website, Style Weekly named Play Mornings with Melissa and Jack the “Best Morning Show in the City” seven years in a row.

Before joining the station, Lauterback was a bartender and while he doesn’t think he’ll return to radio, Lauterback said he might get behind a bar again to hold him over until his next job.

“For now I’m sitting in the park staring at the water and talking to the geese for a few minutes,” he wrote. “That’s what they do in the movies after they get fired.”