RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Metro Richmond Zoo has announced the birth of an endangered animal.

The zoo introduced a baby female Baird’s tapir as a part of its exhibits on Monday, Oct. 30. The tapir named “Sandía” was born on Sept. 1 after a 13-month gestation. Sandía is the child of the zoo’s resident tapirs Tupelo and Chac.

Baird’s tapirs are an endangered species native to Mexico and Central America. The name “Sandía” is Spanish for watermelon.

Tapir’s are known for their noses which resemble small elephant trunks. Tapir calves are born with white dots and stripes resembling the markings of a deer. When the calves reach six months old, these markings fade.

Those interested in seeing Sandia or want more information can find it on the Metro Richmond Zoo’s webpage.