RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Fox Elementary students are officially moving to Clark Springs Elementary for the rest of the school year.

After a fire devastated their school in February, the students have been going to First Baptist Church while repairs were made at Clark Springs Elementary.

In two weeks, the students will call Clark Springs their home with the first day of class on May 9.

“I’m delighted to share that Clark Springs is ready for students and staff,” Richmond Public Schools superintendent Jason Kamras announced to the crowd at last night’s school board meeting.

A survey showed nearly 70% of teachers wanted to move to Clark Springs Elementary as soon as possible.

After 8News reported mold and asbestos were found at Clark Springs, recent mold re-testing revealed all spaces but the nurses office were clear. The nurses office was expected to be re-tested yesterday.

Issues with the roof and other parts of the building also needed to be fixed before the students could move. Those repairs and renovations are expected to total around $760,000.

The school board voted to give Fox staff an additional day to get their classrooms ready, so the last day at First Baptist will be Friday.

Teachers will have May 2 through 6 to set up, with May 3 being a school holiday.

“I also would like to just take this opportunity to express on behalf of the school division our profound appreciation to First Baptist. They have been a generous, flexible and loving host,” Kamras said, thanking First Baptist Church.

Kamras confirmed a moving company has been secured so teachers won’t have to move their classrooms on their own.

He said every Fox teacher will get a $500 Amazon gift card to help them with supplies.