RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Residents of Richmond’s Museum District are searching for an alleged “peeping Tom” who has been exposing himself in people’s windows, leaving notes on doors and even trying to get into homes — and neighbors say there has been no intervention from police thus far.

Isabel Cooke, who lives in the Museum District, says about two weeks ago, she heard a tap on her window. When she went outside, she saw a man masturbating with a direct view of her window. Days later, the same thing happened again.

“I went around again to the back door and saw that it was the same man once again masturbating, and at that point I knew it was targeted and intentional,” she said.

Cooke has now set up security cameras, but she says even that hasn’t stopped him.

“He knows I’ve seen him, and that hasn’t stopped him, so it’s concerning.”

Surveillance video captures the alleged “peeping Tom” going window to window with his pants down in an alley along Hanover Avenue.

Grace Hall, who also lives in the neighborhood, says she too has heard the tapping. She also shared that the man has left notes on neighbor’s doors.

 “It’s deeply disturbing. I haven’t been able to sleep properly,” Hall said. “I hope that he gets help like you have to be really sick.”

Richmond Police confirmed they are investigating, but Cooke and Hall say they’ve filed reports, provided evidence and called 911, to no avail. She says the police have yet to show up.

“That aspect of it has been really scary, knowing that even if we call 911, which is what we were told to do, it won’t be helpful,” Cooke said. “If you live in the Museum District area, definitely keep your guard up and keep spreading the word because that’s what will get this guy caught.”

Residents of the Museum District have started a group chat to help catch the man they have dubbed “the neighborhood creep,” and have sent out security alerts on social media.

If you know anything about this, you are asked to call the Richmond Police Department.