RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A naming contest is now underway for the newest miniature addition to Richmond’s street sweeping fleet.

An identical miniature twin to its full-sized counterparts, the new bike lane-oriented street sweeper has been given the task of keeping city bike lanes clean and clear of debris, improving drainage on city streets and keeping sidewalk drains free of trash and debris.

The naming contest is taking place on Twitter via the @VentureRichmond account. The post was reshared by Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, who asked the public to take part in the naming.

“We want your vote! Help us name our new bike lane sweeper,” Stoney said on Twitter.

The first round of the contest, named the #RVASweep16, started today. The winners of the first round will be announced Friday, July 29 as the second round begins.

Name Options:

  • Sweepy McSweeperson vs. Broomy McBroomface
  • Wall-E v. Gus Gus
  • The Grim Sweeper vs. The Bus Duster
  • Bike Dyson vs. LeBroom James
  • Kate Brush vs. Sweep Caroline
  • Meryl Sweep vs. Dirt Reynolds
  • The Legion of Broom vs. MF Broom
  • Sweep the Leg Johnny vs. Temple of Broom

The Richmond mayor is reportedly casting his vote for “LeBroom James.” You can participate in the public voting by visiting the Venture Richmond Twitter poll here.