RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) – Three days after Virginia Commonwealth University student Adam Oakes was found dead in a house on West Clay Street, neighbors told 8News more about what they saw and heard in the hours leading up to his death.

One neighbor said he heard a big party going on Friday night at 138 W. Clay Street. The next morning, he said he saw a body being carried out of the house.

Oakes’ cousin, Courtney White, said Richmond Police told their family the address where the freshman was found dead Saturday morning. Police said it was a secondary house for Delta Chi.

White also said Richmond Police told the family there was no head trauma to Oakes when he was found unresponsive, which the family said is a ‘huge relief’ for them that he wasn’t physically harmed.

There is still a lot of talk on social media about what may have happened to Oakes over the weekend.

Attorney David Noll with Cravens & Noll said if any messages surface that show the person may have been there when Oakes died, that person could be questioned at some point.

Richmond Police is the lead agency on the case, but yesterday they directed us to VCU for any additional details.

An 8News crew walked inside VCU Police headquarters Tuesday to get answers on how Oakes died, but no one was available to speak to.

8News was referred to public relations, however, their public relations team told 8News Monday that there would be nothing further they could say about the death investigation.

The chief medical examiner said the cause of death for Adam Oakes is pending.