RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A new Starbucks location will open near the intersection of Chippenham Parkway and Hull Street, according to a nearby retailer.

Randi Strelitz, Executive Vice President of Haynes, which occupies a large portion of the mall, wrote in a press release that the coffee chain, which would be associated with the furniture outlet, would use Starbucks’ “newest, state of the art format.”

Haynes will invest $2 million to build a new structure in their parking lot to house the Starbucks.

“The 2-million-dollar investment to attract the iconic Starbucks brand demonstrates our people’s confidence in and commitment to enhancing the lives of Richmond’s citizens,” Strelitz said.

Strelitz wrote that the new Starbucks is one part of a planned $30 million renovation of the Haynes location at Chippenham Mall. The stretch of Hull Street between Walmsley Boulevard in Chesterfield and Southside Plaza in Richmond has been the focus of a broad effort by both localities called the Hull Street Corridor Revitalization Plan.

The plan, which was published in 2013, calls for new pedestrian and bike lanes along Hull Street, as well as expanded bus service into Chesterfield County.