RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — An osprey got stuck inside a Topgolf driving range on Monday, prompting the Richmond Wildlife Center to help it escape.

On Monday, Oct. 9, wildlife center staff were called to the Topgolf located on Westwood Avenue in Richmond after it was reported an osprey had become trapped at the driving range.

“We knew the osprey was tired and was informed it was flighted but was attempting to climb the net,” a Facebook post from Richmond Wildlife Center reads. “With the help of management, we borrowed two extension poles and affixed a king-size flat sheet to them.”

Staff managed to herd the osprey into the net which it eventually climbed to the top. The osprey was given a moment to catch its breath at the top of the structural poles for a moment before it flew home.

“We would like to thank the management at Topgolf for calling us for assistance,” the Richmond Wildlife Center’s Facebook page reads. “They closed the driving range for about two hours to help protect the osprey from harm. We want to express how grateful we are for companies like Topgolf who put the health and welfare of animals like this osprey above profits!”