RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Do otters like singing during Karaoke Thursdays at New York Deli? Probably not. But one was caught on camera in Carytown running through a parking lot.

The North American River Otter was spotted on the corner of Idlewood Avenue and Sheppard Street, just a few blocks away from New York Deli, who posted the original video on their Facebook story.

The owner of the restaurant said she and her husband were out in their yard when they saw the otter run through the parking lot.

Richmond Wildlife Center’s Melissa Stanley said otters are native to the city, with the abundance of rivers — but due to human encroachment, habitat loss and the threat of vehicles hitting them, the population numbers aren’t great.

Stanley said the otter likely got lost and came up from the river near Byrd Park or a sewer system that connects to the James River. She said the otter spotting in a populated area like Carytown is not normal.