RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A beloved cat named “Orange” was shot with a BB gun in Richmond.

Orange had surgery after she was shot in her right eye. The pellet was taken out of her eye during surgery.

Cabelle Hawk, her owner, says Orange is doing fine but doesn’t understand why someone would be so cruel.   

The Richmond Animal Care and Control are investigating the case of animal cruelty. 

A beloved cat named "Orange" was shot with a BB gun in Richmond.

“She’ll sit in your lap and start chewing on your goatee,” Hawk told 8News. Hawk can’t believe someone did this to Orange.  “She was out playing in the yard and somebody shot her in the eye with a BB gun,” Hawk said. 

Orange is now living with a protective collar around her head and has a bloodshot eye.

“It’s ridiculous that you can’t have your animals outside for a little bit of time,” Hawk said. Hawk told 8News this type of eye injury can cause a cat to get tumors.

“She still might be losing her eye even if she gets to keep it now,” he said. 

Orange could lose her eyesight forever.

“It’s a very good chance she’s going to be blind in that eye,” Hawk said. 

A beloved cat named "Orange" was shot with a BB gun in Richmond.

Thousands of dollars deep in medical bills, this case is costing Hawk his savings account.  “Hopefully, in the end, the person that shot Orange will pay,” Hawk said. 

RACC is investigating who is behind the shooting.

“They have to have some pretty serious mental conditions to be doing something like that to an innocent creature,” Hawk said. 

Orange will go to the doctor again on Thursday where they will see if they can save her eye. 

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