RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Can you tell the two Ann Lamberts apart? It might be harder than you think, since new Twitter CEO Elon Musk opened verification up to anyone with $8 to spare.

On Thursday, in the wake of criticism over the councilor Ann Lambert’s tweet calling a constituent a “Karen” when he complained about a van blocking a city sidewalk, a parody account was created under the moniker “AnnCant2020” — a sendup of Lambert’s real account “AnnCan2020.”

Starting on Thursday afternoon, the account began mocking councilor Lambert, tweeting, “parking on the sidewalk to keep my #neighbors #engaged with the prospect of vehicular homicide” and “have i ever elucidated what “💥💥💥💥” means? no and i never will #disengagingfromthatsubject#notanexplosion.”

Can you spot which one is the real Ann Lambert? (Screenshots of Twitter accounts @AnnCan2020 and @AnnCant2020)

The latter was a reference to Lambert’s own tweet the previous day which drew criticism from her constituents and other members of the city council.

“Ask them to move their vehicle politely if it bothers you💥💥💥the reality is people are not applying to become cops this includes our region. So do your part and call the non-emergency number 646-5100. Take your chances on being a #Karen here in #RealRichmond 💥 #StayWoke”

Ann-Frances Lambert, 3rd district representative on Richmond City Council

But while Lambert’s own account, which has existed since 2008, has never been verified, the account mocking her immediately got a blue checkmark, thanks to a new policy instituted by now-owner of Twitter Elon Musk that allows users to gain verification simply by subscribing to “Twitter Blue” for $8.

Since Musk took ownership of the company last month, it’s seen mass layoffs, soaring hate speech and struggles with ballooning misinformation.