RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It’s that time of year where potholes start popping up. Some drivers have reached out to 8News about what they’re seeing on the roads in Richmond.

In the middle of 33rd Street near Marshall Street sat a big orange cone. When 8News took a look under the cone, it was covering a hole that was more than two feet deep.

“I think it has been out here for a least a year now,” said Erik Imajo.

The Church Hill resident said the neighborhood had expected someone from the City to come out and fix it. Imago said six months ago it looked like City crews were going to finally repair it.

“A couple trucks came out here with gravel. They left and the barrel was still here,” he said.

As soon as 8News learned about it, we reached out to the Mayor’s office and the Department of Public Works. It was just a few hours later that a crew came out and made repairs, filling the hole and removing the cone.

However, Richmond residents tell us that’s not the only pothole problem in and around Church Hill, Shockoe Slip and the East End. They alerted us to a crater on Route 5 near Old Main Street and several deep holes on Canal Street near 13th Street as well as several off Williamsburg Road and Williamsburg Avenue.

“The sides streets nothing but horrible holes, if you go up here right here 31st street horrible holes and I just got tired,” said Marvin Martin, Richmond resident.

Martin said it’s not just potholes making a bumpy and potentially costly ride, but that he is fed up with the overall road conditions on his side of town. He showed an exposed metal plate with a sharp corner that has been a concern for drivers.

“They will bust their tire,” he said. The plate sticks out on heading westbound between Williamsburg Road to Williamsburg Avenue. “That is dangerous, you will damage your car.”

On the same street, water can be seen constantly rushing into the roadway, even on days when there’s no rain. Marvin believes it may be coming from a burst pipe. Whatever is causing it, he says it’s trouble for traffic.

“If it’s cold, it will freeze up, cars will slide,” Martin said.

Last year, Martin said he hit a pothole on Main Street in Shockoe Bottom.

“It busted the axle underneath the car,” he said.

The repairs cost him $575, but when he filed a claim with the City but was denied.

The pothole and others on Main Street have been recently patched up but Martin thinks the road and others around the area really need to be paved. He told us he constantly complains to the City about the road conditions.

“I’ve called several times,” he said. “They send me confirmation emails that the work orders have been put in but nothing has been done. They drag their feet.”

Pothole complaints or requests for service can be made through the City of Richmond’s newly updated RVA311 system here.

If your vehicle sustains damage from a pothole, you can file a claim with the city attorney’s office; just make sure you take a picture of the pothole right after you hit it and save all receipts. Payment of a claim usually depends if and when the city was notified about the pothole.