RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — During a Richmond school board budget workshop on Wednesday night, 4th district school board member, Jonathan Young, proposed a budget amendment that included closing five schools. The idea was proposed due to budget concerns and empty seats.

Most of the school board members did not agree with the proposal and disapproved of moving forward.

“It’s unfair,” said 7th district school board member, Cheryl Burke. “Just think about if we were to close some of the schools in the area, our children would not have some of the resources they need to move on to the next level.”

Burke added multiple emotional parents reached out to her, and she explained that this was just a proposal.

Young pointed out at least 8,625 vacant seats in the school district. The proposal included closing Swansboro, Fairfield Court, and Woodville elementary schools, Henderson Middle School and John Marshall High School.

The school closures would affect about 1,700 students. It was also stated that students at a closed school would have the option to attend a school of their choice. Young’s budget amendments would have an increase of $5 million and would use the money for students’ transportation, career, and technical education.

“I don’t support any school closures,” said 3rd district school board member, Kenya Gibson. “This school district benefits from small community schools.”