RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — How do Richmond’s roads fair in comparison to the rest of Virginia? How are the road conditions affecting driving costs throughout the commonwealth? A new study proposes answers to these questions and more.

A recent report from TRIP — a national transportation research nonprofit — indicates that approximately 27% of roads in Richond are in mediocre condition and 21% of roads are in poor condition.

As for Virginia, the study found that 13% of roads were in poor condition with 23% in mediocre condition.

Roads were deemed poor or mediocre due to a number of factors evaluated by TRIP, including potholes, rutting and rough surfaces.

According to the study, road conditions are important not only for drivers’ safety, but drivers’ wallets also. TRIP calculated the additional costs drivers are having to pay due to poor road conditions, not just in Richmond but across the commonwealth.

The average Richmond driver pays $596 a year in extra vehicle operating costs — such as tire replacements and repairs. Across Virginia, the total of these extra vehicle operating costs is $3.2 billion.

Roadways aren’t the only infrastructure the report considered. Across the commonwealth, 5% of bridges were also found to be in poor condition.

The full report from TRIP can be read here.