RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If you live in Richmond and have to call 911 in the future, your interaction with law enforcement may not end after you hang up from dispatch.   

The Richmond Department of Emergency Communications, Preparedness and Response (DECPR) is introducing a new feature for Richmond residents to share their feedback on the service the Richmond 911 call center provides during an emergency. 

The Department has started sending out short, three-question surveys via text to 911 callers in Richmond who place non-life-threatening 911 calls. The new survey rolled out to select callers on March 20. 

If you receive a text message survey a few hours or a day after calling 911, police say it is very important to answer the questions as accurately as possible. However, the answers should be based on the service you received during your call to 911, not on the service provided by first responders.   

According to DECPR, the results of the survey are used to monitor and improve the services being provided by Emergency Communications employees.

Megan Breakall, a recent Richmond 911 caller, sees the positive potential in the program, but still wonders how effective it will be.

“It could be a positive thing for feedback for law enforcement,” Breakall said. “All fields are trying to get more information for how they serve their customers, but I think I would be very situational dependent on the situation that had proceeded the 911 call.”  

Breakall recently had to call 911 for Fire and EMS services for one of her sons after they had an emergency reaction, which made it difficult to answer the survey she was sent.

“With four young sons at home, there’s not always time to complete a survey like that,” Breakall said.   

Ultimately, Breakall hopes that the answers to the new survey system are put to good use.

“If they are going to take the time to use taxpayer money to implement a program like this, I would hope that the data would be used effectively,” Breakall said. “Good or bad.”   

The surveys are not required. If you do not want to participate in the survey, simply do not respond. You may also reply STOP to opt out of future text surveys from DECPR. 

Click here for more information on the new 911 survey program.