RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Animal Care and Control is celebrating a victory after saving an already sick kitten from a life-threatening virus.

Ruckus the kitten is three months old and not only tested positive for feline leukemia, but recently was infected with feline panleukopenia virus. This is a highly infectious virus that most commonly impacts kittens and unvaccinated cats.

According to Richmond Animal Care and Control, cats with this virus typically do not survive long, especially not when they are already sick like Rucks. But Richmond Animal Care and Control was able to effectively treat the kitten and she is still here to fight another day.

Even with the life-saving treatment, Ruckus will likely have a short lifespan because of her leukemia. Staff at Richmond Animal Care and Control are now turning their attention to finding her a happy home for the time she has left.

According to staff, an ideal forever home for Ruckus would have no other cats or another feline leukemia-positive cat. If this sounds like you, check out Ruckus’s profile and e-mail