RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond bicyclists will find it easier to move around the city next year, as the Department of Public Works prepares to expand bike lanes across the city.

Six stretches of road have been marked for new bike lanes as part of the city’s annual repaving projects, from Warwick Road on Southside to School Street near Virginia Union University.

“The projects are an important part of the City’s commitment to Vision Zero,” the Department of Public Works wrote in a statement.

You can view an example of one of the proposed improvements below:

Before and after showing the proposed bike lanes on Warwick Road. (Courtesy of the City of Richmond)

However, the plans haven’t yet been finalized. The city is still soliciting feedback through an online survey, which residents can use to comment on the projects.

While most of the plans, like the one pictured above, feature full, protected bike lanes — considered the gold standard of bike infrastructure — some will make use of “sharrows” a controversial alternative that only requires the city to paint a symbol on the roadway.

Example of a ‘sharrow’ in the city’s proposed bike lane plans. (Courtesy of the City of Richmond)

The markings, which were developed by a Denver, CO, city planner in the early 90s, started as a cheaper form of bike safety for cities reluctant to invest in full bike lanes. But many advocates now heavily criticize the ‘sharrow,’ with one writing that they’re nothing more than a “temporary, toothless symbol on the asphalt.”

Work is expected to begin on the projects in Fall 2023 to be completed in Summer 2024.