RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — One business owner in Richmond is disturbed by the shooting that left six people hurt — two of them with life-threatening injuries — on West Broad Street on July 4.

The owner of The 4 Cyber Cafe wants people to know that while the shooting did not happen at his café, he is devastated for everyone involved.

“I was very hurt about it. I was very hurt about it,” said Mario Mohan, who owns The 4 Cyber Cafe.

Most nights, people come to Mohan’s café as a refuge to listen to music.

“Every man, every female of every ethnic background, I treat them like they’re human beings,” Mohan said. “I want them to be able to come to a place that they can call a safe haven, to be able to sit back on this beautiful patio and listen to great music.”

However, that safe haven was interrupted by a shooting a few of doors down on the early morning of July 4. Around 3:30 a.m., police responded to a shooting on West Broad Street. When they arrived, six people had been shot.

Two of the victims are currently fighting for their lives. One man was taken to the hospital while the others drove themselves.

Mohan said the shooting shows people are struggling emotionally. He hopes his place can help heal the community.

“I think there’s a lot of anger for various reasons. Art does not have barriers, and art or music is love. I can’t say it no better than that,” Mohan told 8News.

While the incident did not happen at his café, Mohan encourages anyone who visits to speak with him and let him know what he can do to help this community.

Richmond police have not caught any suspects involved in the shooting.