RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — More than $17 million in tax revenue will go towards various agencies in the city of Richmond.

Richmond City Council made the decision Monday night. A large portion of the money will go toward the city center redevelopment project. Plans were created to redevelop Richmond-owned properties in the city center area and build a new high school on the campus.

Richmond said $100,000 will go towards the city center project and economic development. City leaders previously said the city center project will be a walkable, urban environment that will have different transportation options, neighborhoods and job centers.

City council also made the decision to give more than $200,000 towards creating a civilian review board. The board would make recommendations for discipline or policy changes to the police chief.

The United States Department of Justice is giving thousands of dollars to the city for buying body-worn cameras for the police department. Leaders announced Monday night that more than $100,000 will go into a special fund related to the body-worn cameras. A Virginia law took effect in 2020 requiring localities to have a written policy for the operation of police-worn body cameras.

The city council also voted to put money towards replacing the Mayo Bridge. One Richmond engineer previously told 8News that water is causing damage to the bridge.

There was at least one speaker at Monday night’s meeting expressing concerns about the bridge.

“I live in southside, drive across Mayo’s Bridge frequently, and as a boater, I’ve paddled under the bridge for many years and have watched it deteriorate to the condition it is now, so it certainly needs replacement or repair,” resident and avid boater Charles Ware told the council.

City council did not decide on how much money would go towards the bridge project.