RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond City Council’s Public Safety Committee delayed a vote on a resolution that would ban the use of non- lethal weapons on protestors.

Non- lethal weapons have been used on protestors several times over the past few weeks in Richmond. Council members Michael Jones and Stephanie Lynch, the sponsors of this resolution, said they saw tear gas and pepper spray being launched at a peaceful crowd.  

Both claimed they had to run away from the tear gas themselves when they say it was launched at people several blocks away from police headquarters.

At a meeting Tuesday, the committee said they wanted to complete a review of police conduct before moving forward. The resolution  was continued until September 22. 

RPD police chief Gerald Smith spoke at the meeting Tuesday and claimed when he arrived commanding officers were not trained to use non- lethal weapons. 

He’s asked the committee to allow his department to come up with written policies before the weapons are banned.