RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If anyone thought the internal debate over Confederate monuments in Richmond City Council was over, think again.

In an charged statement during city council’s first meeting of 2022, Councilwoman Reva Trammell expressed dissatisfaction at the fact that city council members would handle the disposition process for the now-removed Robert E. Lee monument, and other Confederate monuments.

“Why don’t you just wait and let the new governor come in and decide exactly what to do with these statues, instead of us being called a bunch of hypocrites, and everything else?” Trammell asked; questioning Mayor Stoney’s proposal to transfer ownership of the city’s Confederate monuments to the Black History Museum.

“People are saying it’s racist. Why would you take these statues and put them in an African-American museum if they are racist? Why don’t you let the new governor take that on himself instead of us doing it? Or the mayor? Let the mayor decide.”

Councilwoman Reva Trammell

Council met Wednesday to advance resolutions that would allow the city to accept ownership of the Robert E. Lee monument, and land where it stood–a transfer offer from the state.

Though it remains undecided where the statues will end up, Trammell’s outcry comes as Richmond City Council is in the process of considering Stoney’s proposal to the Black History Museum — the museum would work with The Valentine Museum to find a permanent installation for the monuments.

Hours prior to Wednesday’s council meeting, 8News learned the city plans to spend nearly $1.5 million to remove their remaining Confederate monument pedestals, and award the contract to the same group who took down the Lee monument: Newport News-based, Team Henry Enterprises.

The removal date is unknown.

The Wednesday meeting marked council members’ return to city hall, including Stephanie Lynch who is now the subject of a hit and run investigation after an 8News report.

Lynch told 8News she drove her Mercedes into a parked car at night while distracted, and did not call police until the next morning–the latter claim was neither confirmed or denied by the police department.

The fifth district representative was then charged with two misdemeanors.

She declined to comment Wednesday night after council was adjourned, and left from a side door when approached by 8News.

Next Monday and Wednesday, council is expected to move forward to accept the Robert E. Lee property transfer.