RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police Department will soon be patrolling in two areas which are outside of the school’s campus.

Richmond City Council voted Monday night to expand VCU Police’s jurisdiction to Oregon Hill and Randolph, two neighborhoods that are adjacent to the university’s Monroe Park Campus to the south.

The expansion will go into effect during the first quarter of 2024, after which VCU Police will be enforcing laws, investigating cases and arresting people in both neighborhoods. Richmond Police Chief Rick Edwards said that the Richmond Police Department would still be the primary responding agency in the neighborhoods “if something serious happens.”

City Council member Stephanie Lynch, whose district includes parts of both neighborhoods, previously expressed interest in the idea of VCU Police officers patrolling in the areas.

“We have a heartfelt appreciation for VCU Police being willing to play a stronger role in providing a safer environment for residents in Oregon Hill and Randolph,” said Lynch. “And responding to the community to give us extra support.”

Oregon Hill and Randolph will not be the only areas outside of the core campus that fall under VCU Police’s jurisdiction — the department also patrols parts of nearby Carver, Jackson Ward and the Fan. According to VCU Police, the last time the department’s jurisdiction expanded was in 2019.