RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond City Sheriff’s Office cited its “aggressive testing measures” on Monday for the reason behind an uptick in confirmed COVID-19 cases among inmates and staff members.

There are 103 inmates and six workers at the Richmond City Justice Center who are currently quarantined, displaying symptoms or who have come in contact with those infected with the virus, according to a release from the sheriff’s office.

The jail, which has 675 inmates and 325 staff members as of Aug. 24., reported that no inmates or employees have been admitted to the hospital with the novel coronavirus. The sheriff’s office also noted that most of the people who have tested positive are asymptomatic.

“Although the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office continues to be committed to ensuring the safety of the inmates housed at the Richmond City Justice Center, the staff, and everyone who enters into the facilities, there are no guarantees in totally eliminating the possibility of the virus from having an impact on the Sheriff’s Office,” the release said. “We will continue to take the necessary measures to reduce the spread of infection.”

The sheriff’s office stated that the jail has continued to follow CDC guidelines on masks, physical distancing, increased cleaning throughout the facility and handwashing.

“When new inmates come into the facility, they are not placed in general population. Instead, they are quarantined in an area strictly for new arrivals where they are housed for a minimum of 14-20 days,” the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office also said.