Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney holds press conference on gun violence


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Colette McEachin held a press conference on Friday to address gun violence in the community.

“We live in a country where more than 14,000 people were killed in 2020 by gun violence,” McEachin said.

In Virginia, there were 375 gun violence deaths in 2020.

According to McEachin, there were 66 homicides in Richmond last year and of those, 59 were shootings. So far this year, 15 out of 18 homicides have been shootings.

“At least one person is shot in Richmond almost every day,” McEachin said.

When it comes to change and stopping gun violence, the Commonwealth’s Attorney says there is no “quick, easy or cheap” way to do so.

Families of gun violence victims spoke at the presser today and so did representatives from Richmond’s homicide support group. Esther Marshall, one of the founders of the group, says they needed to “put some purpose back into some of this pain.”

Virginia Minor, who lost her son Michael in 2006, says she she became a homicide survivor by initiation.

“I did not ask to be a part of the group,” Minor said. “I was initiated by someone who decided to pick up a gun one night, and decided to take my son’s life.”

The death of her son took away the pleasures of life. “It took away birthdays, holidays, Christmas. Easter,” Minor said.

Another speaker, Torris Brooks, lost numerous family members to violence. Brooks dad was killed while his mom was pregnant, his mom was killed years later and his daughter was killed in 2010 on Good Friday.

“What can we do to help this city? We are a hurting city. Every time I hear about somebody getting shot or somebody getting killed or a relationship that went wrong, it open my wound up all over again,” Brooks said. “I see my daughter every day, I live around the corner from where she was murdered at.”

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