RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A northside Richmond convenience store no longer has its alcohol license after Virginia ABC revoked it.

This comes after two shootings at the Carolina Express convenience store within about three months with multiple victims.

Virginia ABC did not confirm that the August quadruple shooting and the October triple shooting were reasons for the license being taken away, but Virginia law has several reasons for a revoked license.

Virginia ABC said temporary permits can be revoked if the applicant for a new license “demonstrates behavior or allows conduct that draws into question the lawful operation of the business.”

One of the reasons in the Virginia code that a license can be taken away is if any member of the company has “failed to take reasonable measures to prevent an act of violence resulting in death or serious bodily injury.”

Most recently, officers swarmed the area on Carolina Avenue two weeks ago when three people were shot at the store.

The Carolina Express was operating on a temporary alcohol permit that was granted on Aug. 4 while it was transferring ownership.

The store’s license was taken away on Wednesday of last week, and so between August and November is when the two shootings happened.

Virginia ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement is working with the owner of Carolina Express to move the alcohol that’s there to one of their other licensed businesses.