RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond man receiving dialysis treatments is looking for help.

Lately, Rudolph Hunt Jr.’s shuttle hasn’t been coming on time, something that’s creating more challenges for him when getting to appointments.

Each week he uses GRTC transportation to get to and from East Henrico Dialysis Center. However, Hunt Jr. feels the service has been unreliable recently.

“My ride is suppose to be here between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. These guys have been coming like 10:00 to 10:30 a.m., something like that,” Hunt Jr. said.

According to Hunt Jr., dialysis patients have specific chair times at East Henrico Dialysis Center. If you miss it, you get no treatment. That has already happened to him.

“On Wednesday, I didn’t get treatment at all because they wouldn’t get me there. I’ve called and called and called and sometimes a half hour worth of calling and a dispatcher gets worse and worse,” he said.

Hunt Jr. told 8News it’s crucial the bus comes on time because if he doesn’t get the treatment he needs, he can die. He’s reached out to GRTC to find out why his transportation has been late.

“They keep saying that they don’t have enough drivers or they don’t have enough vans out in the city. These schedules don’t keep up with the people they’re supposed to pick up,” Hunt Jr. said.

In a statement to 8News, Mike Frontiero, the director of marketing and communications for GRTC, said, “Our paratransit service is investigating the complaint and will address it accordingly.”

Hunt Jr. said if the service doesn’t improve, he’s worried his life might be over.

“I can’t miss so many dialysis treatments because there’s toxins that build up in your blood that it [the treatment] cleans out, and there’s water fluid that you take in that’s too much for you to take out on your own. That’s what the machine is for,” he said, adding, “If you don’t get those treatments all that stuff will build up and it will kill you.”

The Richmond resident is also considering contacting his congressman to make sure the buses come when they are supposed to.