RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — One bit of bad luck snowballed into quite an ordeal Tuesday night after a woman’s sedan ended up submerged in a Richmond lake.

A spokesperson for the Richmond Police Department said a woman was attempting to change a tire on her car at Shield’s Lake in the Byrd Park area around 11 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3, when her car began moving and misfortune ensued.

The car proceeded to roll down an embankment and ended up immersing itself in the lake’s murky depths.

“It looked like a floating piece of plastic until I got down there. I saw it was a car. I said ‘oh my God. Let me call it in’,” Lee Elder said.

Other parkgoers, including Clayton Kennedy, were also surprised to see a car submerged in the lake.

“I’m just kind of shocked how it got there. It’s a little surprising it made it all the way to the middle,” Kennedy said.

Richmond Police said nobody was inside the car at the time of the incident, and nobody was injured.

Police said the car was planned to be removed from the lake on Wednesday.