RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Andrews family is one of the many reported victims of shopping scams this holiday season. Christine Andrews said she believed she was purchasing a puppy for $700, however, the seller disappeared after she paid.

“I was upset!” said Christine Andrews. “We were disappointed because we were thinking we were going to get this dog, it was supposed to be a gift for my daughter.”

Andrews said she found the puppy on a website called “Tiny Baby Yorkies Home.” She immediately contacted the seller who told her the puppy would arrive the very next day so long as she paid $575 dollars and a $185 shipping fee.

“So I said that’s good and he also told us to purchase two Walmart cards,” Andrews said.

After sending pictures of the Walmart gift cards, Andrews said she checked the balances online and discovered that they had been used. When the scammer asked for another $1,900 Andrews said she realized she was dealing with a scammer.

The family filed a claim with Wells Fargo but it was denied. 8News spoke with a Wells Fargo spokesperson who said the claim was researched thoroughly and warned other customers to be careful as scammers become more creative during the holiday season.

“Do not purchase Walmart cards, that’s a no-no,” Andrews said. “It doesn’t matter how much you may want it, just don’t do it because it may be a scam.”

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