RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Fire Department is celebrating one of its employee’s successes for Women’s History Month after Captain Jamie Potter wrote a children’s book about fire safety.

National Read Across America Day is March 2 and the department posted a video featuring Captain Potter explaining her book.

The book is called “Fire Safety A to Z,” and she wrote it as a creative assignment with her two boys that was also educational.

“We created an entire alphabet because my son is getting to the age where he needs to learn the alphabet,” Potter said. “And they love firetrucks with myself and their dad working in the fire department. It was one of those things where it just came kind of natural to them.”

The artwork is made of her boys’ hand and feet prints that were turned into illustrations related to fire prevention.

Proceeds for the book were dedicated to acquiring more smoke detectors for the City of Richmond, according to Potter.

Richmond Fire Department posted a full video interview with Captain Potter on its YouTube page.