RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Billy Metzger, president of the Richmond Food Truck Association, has resigned after attending a rally at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday that turned into a violent riot.

Metzger, the owner of Curbside Creations Food Truck, told 8News Friday that he went to the rally, but would not have attended if he knew it would turn violent.

“I don’t condone none of that,” Metzger said.

The former RFTA president made a since-deleted post on his personal Facebook Wednesday, writing, “What a day…I made it to the front doors of the capital took a few flash bangs but missed the pepper spray and rubber bullets”

He told 8News the post was not to be taken literally and he posted it before any violence began.

“It was in a joking manner because it was nothing happening. And who would have ever thought what happened was gonna happen?,” Metzger said.

Metzger showed 8News GPS coordinates from an app on his phone that tracks his movements, explaining that he never crossed any fences of barriers.

The food truck owner claimed that he was not involved in any of the violence that took place. He said once the violence started, he was far away from the Capitol building.

However, his Facebook post would soon go viral.

“My family has been attacked. They’ve put my address, pictures of my house,” Metzger said.

The Richmond Food Truck Association (RTFA) released a statement on Facebook condemning Metzger, saying he made an “irresponsible decision” that contradicts the values and beliefs of the association.

RFTA goes on to say that Metzger’s unilateral decision could have potentially compromised the business of over 50 food truck operators.

The remaining members of RFTA demanded and received Metzger’s resignation, according to the post. They also asked that Metzger and Curbside Creations discontinue their RFTA membership.

“The members of the RFTA wish to make it clear that the participation in, and support of, violations of our laws, acts of hatred, and acts of sedition, are not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the RFTA,” RFTA wrote in their post.

However, Metzger claimed he voluntarily resigned.

“I decided to step down because the food trucks did nothing wrong. I made a horrible decision to make that post,” he said.

Metzger also said he asked the association to post a different statement on the RFTA Facebook page, but “they decided to go in a different direction for whatever reason.”

He told 8News he has reached out to police to make them aware of everything that has happened.

Metzger issued an official statement on his food truck Facebook page saying that he attended the “rally in DC” but left before “things really got out of hand for the day.”

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